Best Fly Fishing Books for Beginners

Top 5 Best Fly Fishing Books For Beginners Reviewed

Starting out in fly fishing can be a daunting task. Below is our list of best fly fishing books for beginners. We have selected the best beginner fly fishing books to help you on your journey from beginner to competent fly fisher. Each of the books listed cover all of the basics to get you on your way and increase your skills. That being said no book is a substitute for practice or the help of an experienced angler.  Using a book to learn how to fly fish should be thought of as a supplement to good tuition rather than a substitute. 

Fly Fishing for Beginners - Chris Hansen

In Fly Fishing for Beginners Chris Hansen guides the reader through all of the basics required to start out on the right path. Hansen calls on his many years as a fly fishing instructor to give the beginner the best possible start.

The first section of the book is devoted to learning about fly fishing tackle and covers all you should need to know. From the essential like rods, reels, lines, leaders, flies and knots through to accessories and clothing and even waders and floating tubes. 

The ​next section covers fly casting on its own. The "12 tips to make the perfect cast" list would be perfect to read before seeking help from an experienced fly fisher as it would familiarize you with the fundamentals of fly casting.

The rest of the book is focused on ​how to catch fish once you have your tackle sorted and understand casting. Hansen doesn't just cover trout though he also lists panfish, small/large mouth bass and nothern pike.

The Orvis Guide to Beginngin Fly Fishing -Tom Rosenbauer

The Orvis Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing by Tom Rosenbauer contains 101 tips and techniques to get you started in fly fishing and easily deserves a place in our best fly fishing books for beginners. It's definitely aimed at the complete beginner, a more experienced fly fisher wouldn't get much value out of it. All the basics are stepped through in a very clearly written text. All elements of tackle like rod, reel, line and fly selection along with how to care for your tackle. There is even a section on saltwater fly fishing which quite a few books will tend to ignore. 

Fly Fishing for Dummies

Fly fishing for dummies is a pretty decent book for the complete novice. It covers all of the fundamentals in the usual lighthearted "for dummies" style. It aims to dispel the myths around fly fishing and that it is an art only for the gifted few.

With over 150 illustrations it takes a very practical hands on approve that will guide the reader through each of the fundamental elements required for fly fishing. Casting, fly selection, tackle and specific strategies for different fish are all clearly explained in an easy to understand manner. One of the best fly fishing books for beginners who don't want to get bogged down in a serious text that is hard to follow.

The Complete Book of Fly Fishing - Tom McNally

Tom McNally draws on almost 50 years of successful trout fishing to lay out in an easy to read manner how to start out in fly fishing. This book on fly fishing for beginners should be on everyone's reading list. It is highly regarding in trout fishing circles. Although it is a great introductory fly fishing book for beginners it contains great details on how to target specific types of fish using the best possible methods unique to them.

Fly Fishing: 2 in 1 Guide - Joe Steender

Laid out over two books the Fly Fishing: 2 in 1 Guide of 100 Tips on Fly Fishing by Joe Steender is an excellent resource for the budding fly fisherman. 

Book 1 lays a solid foundation in all the basics required to get you out fly fishing laid out in 50 tips. It covers all the usual basics on tackle choice and casting etc.

Book 2's 50 tips cover fly fishing for trout and salmon specifically. How to find trout/salmon and how best to fish for them. All in all a very well designed list of fishing tips.

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