River Monsters

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Most fishing books don't end up scaring their readers! In River Monsters Jeremy Wade takes us on a behind the scenes look at some of his adventures. Some of you will know the show from Animal Planet and will be familiar with some of the outlandish fisherman's tales that host Wade seeks out. On the show the time and effort(and endless waiting) that every fisherman is familiar with is down played due to the nature of film editing.

It this companion book to the show however we gain a deeper insight to the sometimes monumental effort involved in filming some of these fishing adventures. The near obsession level required to travel and film in these remotes parts of the world is not to be underestimated and Wade who is essentially a professional angle/traveler describes several incidents such as plane crashes in the jungle and arrests in Asia.

The sheer size of some of the fish and their almost monstrous looks is probably best experienced on the television series, however there is so much more detail and background information in the book that it is a fine companion to the show. River Monsters is not the usual fishing how-to although any keen angler will certainly be interested in the techniques employed to land these aquatic monsters. 

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